The bumpy process

November 28, 2009

The counseling department in college caused a stir one time by asking this question: “Why is sanctification such a seemingly slow, bumpy process?” With their cam-corders in hand, they soon compiled a very interesting assortment of theories and answers. They asked all sorts of people, from the Bible and theology profs to the freshman students.

The answers were numerous; “Because we care so little about it,” “Because we are not truly surrendered,” “Because satan is a roaring lion.”

By God’s grace I was not filmed in their query. If I had been, I know for sure in my immaturity I would have said, “It doesn’t have to be. I think I’m doing quite well thankyou.”

But here I am, years later, still pondering that question. I think I would answer quite differently now. Perhaps part of the reason sanctification has so many setbacks in our lives is because of how little we as American Christians suffer. 1 Peter says, “He who has suffered in his body is done with sin” (4:1). I don’t think that is talking about never sinning again. But it seems that the verse speaks of an overcomming, victorious lifestyle.

So, maybe suffering has something to contribute to the sanctification process in our lives. I’d love to hear your thoughts. “Why do you think sanctification is a seemingly slow process with so many bumps?”

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