Joy in service

November 1, 2010

There is so much joy in knowing that God wants to use me in simple ways to impact the lives of others. To be honest with you, there are many days where I do not feel like even the slightest tangible opportunity came my way. I simply go about my routine mindful of God’s presence, seeking to be faithful in my responsibilities, and willing to be used should God so choose. Saturday, however, was different. It was one of those days where it seemed God heaped opportunities in my lap.

Now, the surprising thing about God’s timing in all of this was that I was not doing anything different than usual on my end. In fact, I had been convicted about several things and had been asking for God’s forgiveness. So there I was, thanking God that his grace is greater than my depravity, when he saw fit to use me.

When I say that He used me, don’t think that I mean anything dramatic, as if I led a dozen people to the Lord, or performed some miracle. Instead, he provided me with open eyes and a willing heart to bless those around me through simple acts of service:

(1) I had the chance to pick up some extra food for a friend who is struggling to pay bills.
(2) On my way home from work Saturday night, there was a man walking along the side of the road with an arm full of groceries. I pulled over and asked if he needed a ride. He gladly got into the car. Driving the few miles to his home took just a few short minutes, but would have taken a couple of hours by foot and would have been somewhat difficult in the dark. We had no earth-shattering conversations as we drove, I simply said, “May the Lord bless you” as I dropped him off at his home. (Incidently, he asked me if I was in high school. I told him that I was done with high school, married, and with a kid on the way. I thought the beard was supposed to solve this problem by making me look older!)
(3) As soon as I pulled in the driveway, my neighbor came over and asked for a favor. He needed help lifting an engine he was rebuilding. I told him sure, and that since the job required brute strength, he came to the right person.

So there you have it. Simple opportunities, but joyful nonetheless. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Eph 2:10 NIV).

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