Youth Everlasting

December 5, 2010

“Let us pray to Him that, weakened as we are by age and the long habit of sinning, He may make new persons of us and lead us into His kingdom–that kingdom into which there is no entry except in the likeness of a child. I rejoice that the Lord, who took upon Him all our other miseries, willed not to take old age: in the One True Man, lives youth everlasting.”
-Lewis, The Latin Letters of C. S. Lewis, 63

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2 Responses to “Youth Everlasting”

  1. Thomas said

    Wow, you read the Latin Letters also!!! That is probably my favorite Lewis collection. What do you think about this entry? I found his words on Dec. 26th, 1951 as a little surprise (of course I read them in English): “Diu credebam me credere in remissionem peccatorum. Ac subito (in die S. Marci) haec veritas in mente mea tam manifesto lumine apparuit ut perciperem me numquam antea (etiam post multas confessiones et absolutiones) toto corde hoc credidisse.” (68)

  2. bowdenblog said

    I have that one highlighted in my copy! Isn’t Lewis’s manner of gently and humbly offering advice to his friend insightful!?

    This collection is a very refreshing read, it’s like getting a glimpse behind the public writings of Lewis and into his personal life and struggles and weaknesses–like on pgs. 81, 85 where he writes about his search for an explanation about prayer. I’ve thought more than once as I’ve read the Letters, “Man, I wish Lewis had blogged!”

    Be expecting some more posts from the Letters shortly.

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