Melody is here

December 17, 2010

First thing Wednesday morning with our nurse Luwanda. We’ve just been induced; “labor pains, what labor pains?” We’ve been at the hospital since 11:00PM Teusday night.

6:14 PM, Wednesday night, Melody is born!

Melody is put under the heat lamp. She weighs in at 7 lbs 10 oz and measures 20.5 inches long. Doesn’t she have beautiful skin!

Mommy and baby bonding

And Daddy too!

Can hardly take my eyes off that little girl.

Melody meets her big cousin Samuel and Aunt Kim

Melody and Aunt Sara

Melody and Grandma Little

Melody and Grandma Bowden

Melody and Grandpa Bowden

Melody and Grandpa Little

Melody says, “Dad, will you please quiet down so I can get some sleep?”

Absolute beauty, testimonies of grace.

We leave the hospital this morning at 11:30

So there you have it, Melody is here, we are home. Thanks for all of your prayers, visits, meals, and love. As for the labor itself, HJ was induced at 8 on Weds morning, although she had begun contracting on Teusday evening. Labor started getting intense at about 2 in the afternoon. Contraction after contraction came without a chance for a breather or rest, so we quickly opted for an epidural. HJ got instant relief; such relief that she took a few naps and wanted visitors! At 5:55 Wednesday evening HJ began pushing, and Melody was delivered within twenty minutes, at 6:14 PM.

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15 Responses to “Melody is here”

  1. Elizabeth said


    I am so happy for all of you. Please tell Mom and Dad Little that the house is fine, the bills are paid and all’s well in Comer. Welcome little Melody!

  2. Eric said

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful little girl. We are so happy for you guys.

  3. Sara said

    My heart melts all over again as I see these pictures. She is such a beautiful baby! I am honored to call her my niece.

  4. Congrats!!!! YEAH!!!! She is soooo!! beautiful. What a precious, precious gift,

    Thanks so much Andy for posting
    Love you guys!!!!

  5. Kim said

    Melody is beautiful! It was so special to have that time with you guys! What a precious little girl and a precious season of mommy and daddyhood that you are entering into. It is one that will forever change your lives and draw you closer to each other and to the Lord. Love you guys lots! Love, kim

  6. pat miller said

    WOW beyond CUTE I am soooo happy for the two of you LOL :^)

  7. SarahRuth Owens said

    We love your family. We are so excited for you. I am crying…..such beauty. God has blessed you so much!

  8. Caitlin said

    Oh! I am so excited! I can not wait to meet this precious little one! God is so great!

  9. Miriam Cotterill Buckley said

    Yeah! I am so excited for ya’ll, she is so beautiful!!

  10. Neicey said

    Hannah & Andy she is beautiful. Wish I could see her in person and hold her. What great joy! We prayed and prayed for you Hannah. God has blessed us once again.

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