Nixing my introduction

February 8, 2011

In writing an introduction to an article on the language of the NT, I thought about beginning it like this:

If a broad, lazy river were followed progressively upstream one would soon discover that several smaller rivers joined it. The river would quickly narrow as it meandered through open fields and pastures. It would make some surprising twists and rapid plunges over waterfalls as it neared the foot-hills. At the end of the journey one would eventually discover that the river originated as a cool brook high up in the mountains. One can make a similar journey in tracing the development of the languages of the world. For example, if one were to follow the river of the English language upstream one would soon wander through the Old English countryside. Not long afterwards, the river would be joined by the French and Spanish streams, and eventually the journey would lead to the bubbling brook of the Latin language.

I decided to cut out the whole paragraph. Why? For one thing, I don’t want to risk being cheesy. Also, the article is supposed to be as succinct as possible, and I’m afraid such an introduction is a-succinct.

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6 Responses to “Nixing my introduction”

  1. frogsview said

    You could always use a river like the Pasquotank as your illustration.

    It’s upstream path is much shorter: it goes from sound to river to swamp in 50 miles…

  2. frogsview said

    I was thinking of Wii contests, watching basketball and eating for starters..

  3. frogsview said

    Some great river memories for sure. On the James, Howardsville to Scottsville, Scottsville to Columbia..

    Shenandoah – Elkton to Luray, and all around Elkton..
    Good fishing, good fun, good rapids, great memories!

    Oh and don’t forget the North Fork of the Rivanna and our winter paddling to CCC in Chville..

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