Heading to Germany

April 2, 2011

I fly tomorrow (Sunday) to Germany, and, Lord willing, will be there for a week. I arrive back in Raleigh next Sunday night. I hope to post pictures and updates from my trip, but I can’t promise to do so. I’m not bringing my lap top, so I’ll be dependent on the availability of computers over there. But if I don’t get a chance to post pictures while I’m there, I’ll be sure to post them when I’m home. Family members will be staying here to keep Melody and HJ company. Blessings to you all.

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5 Responses to “Heading to Germany”

  1. frogsview said

    Fahren sie gut, und geh mit Gott!

  2. easylifestyles said

    I love to travel all over the world. I really enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  3. Mary Beth said

    Hi. I’m Jacob’s wife – and I just wanted to thank you for blogging this whole Germany process. It’s been very helpful for me, especially. Also, I would love if you continue blogging about the experience both from your perspective and your family’s perspectives once you start moving and the once you get there. For those of us who may follow after you. :)

    Thanks! We’re praying for your safe travels.
    -Mary Beth

    • bowdenblog said

      Hey Mary Beth. I definitely plan to keep writing about my experiences. I find doing so helps me process things. I pray God guides you all´s footsteps, as I know He will.

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