Arrival in Heidelberg

April 8, 2011

I arrived safely last night in Heidelberg and feel great this morning after a great night’s sleep. This was my first time to stay in a youth hostel. To be honest I was pretty nervous about it — sharing a room with 3 complete strangers? What if I got stuck with 3 teenagers that wanted to listen to punk music all night? But, I was pleasantly surprised to find my roommates all very pleasant. My three roommates are: Zaher, a young doctoral student from Damascus studying the embryonic genetics. Soon after we met last night, it was time for him to do his nightly prayer facing Mecca. When he was finished, we had a lengthy discussion because he was very interested that I’m studying theology. He has studied theology and was eager to talk. My two other roommates are both German, one is 20, the other in his late 60′s (who thankfully speaks no Englsih=good practice). I am eager today to meet with professor Konradt, and even more eager to get home. Tomorrow I will meet with an admissions supervisor at the University, and then in the evening take the train to Leipzig and begin my flight home.

I am very pleased with how the trip is going. I am especially thankful that this trip has been filled with opportunities to share the gospel. Even if I never end up coming back to Germany, it has not been wasted time for the Kingdom. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. This may be my last chance to use the computer before coming home. If it is then Lord willing I’ll post pictures and updates when I’m back next week.

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One Response to “Arrival in Heidelberg”

  1. Sara said

    That is awesome, Andrew, that you are getting to talk with all these people about the Lord. We are sure praying lots for you, and I cannot wait to hear all the stories first hand in a couple weeks! Love you bunches

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