2 videos from Germany

April 11, 2011

Here are two videos I took in Germany. This first one was taken on my last day in Germany, on my hiking day. I was following a trail that led me to the top of a mountain. The closer I got to the top of the mountain, the more voices I started hearing. Soon I could hear singing and the sounds of clinging glasses and silverware, like you might here in a restaurant. It turned out to be a pub, and it just so happened that the people burst out into a song as I passed by. Oh, and if you ever happen to take that same trail when you’re in Heidelberg, make sure you take a long sip of water from the natural spring just opposite to the pub.

This second video was taken in Munich. There were many street musicians playing. In fact, when I was way up in a church steeple at one point, I could still hear the sounds of the street musicians far below. The musicians in this video caught my attention because they seemed to really be enjoying their music. Unlike some that seemed to play for money, these played because, it seemed, they enjoyed it and wanted you to enjoy it too. Don’t you love the children interacting with them in the video:

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