Measuring biblical success

May 9, 2011

I highly recommend you read THIS POST by Jeff, he writes:

I’m a part of this generation that grew up dreaming about accomplishing awesome things for the Lord. And I’ve also snubbed my nose at the “dead” spirituality of my parents’ generation. What made their spirituality “dead”? Well, it just wasn’t successful! I mean, look at the numbers, they don’t lie! Look at all the pastors who were simply content to stay at that little podunk church going nowhere. They’re not attracting new people, they’re outreach events are lame, and their current attempts at becoming more contemporary are embarrassing. No, I want to be a part of a great work of God! I want to be a part of church where the masses are swarming in and being touched with our message. I want to be able to brag…er, I mean share…well, no…I guess I do want to be able to brag about what God is doing in and through me and my church. I want to know that God is using me mightily and that we are successful!

But what if God doesn’t use me like that?

What if I’m a part of a church that’s not bringing them in by the hundreds and rocking the house and seeing dozens come to Christ each week? What if my week is spent mowing an old lady’s yard, and that lady is certainly not going to be someone influential in the community? What if our church’s worship service is attended by the same few each week? What if our old-school door-to-door methods of outreach don’t turn out any converts or baptisms? What if we keep spinning our wheels and end up stuck in the same place as a church for the next 20 years without seeing any noticeable growth other than a few of the kids growing up to replace the elderly?

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One Response to “Measuring biblical success”

  1. frogsview said

    I read the original article. Some very good comments me thinks.

    I’m one of those pastors who was led by the Lord to care for a group of God’s people in a 2 traffic light county, with under 10K people. I kind of like the simplicity of what the Lord has me doing now.

    Caring for sheep, nurturing, making disciples, being faithful to follow the calling and seeking to be content whilst I am.

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