Unwinding in the alps

September 22, 2013

After a grueling summer, my friend Seth and I decided to unwind by taking a hike in the alps.

hike, oktoberfest 005One of the things I enjoyed about this hike was all the alms along the way. These alms are scattered all along the trails so that hikers do not need to bring all their own supplies, but can rather stop for snacks and drinks, or even spend the night in a guest room (which we did).

hiking Hochgern, bayerisch AlpsClimbing towards the top of Hochgern. The lake below is Chiemsee.

view from the top of HochgernThe view from the top of Hochgern

Hochgern, bayerisch alpsAnother amazing view. The most amazing part is that Seth is sitting on the very edge of the cliff, looking down across the valley (you can just barely see a little dot on the edge of the cliff–that is him)

Enziansstüberl AlmThis is the alm where we spent the night: Enzianstüberl, 1400meters.

Alps hikeMore hiking, day 2

lost in the AlpsThis is where we took the wrong turn, which led to us getting waaay off track. It turns out that instead of staying in this nice green valley, we were supposed to climb the ridge (seen in the upper left corner of the picture). A sign or a trail would have been really helpful!

cows in the alpsThere were cows all along the way. They all wore bells and provided nice jingles. This one was nice enough to pose for a picture.

hiking in the bayerisch alps









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2 Responses to “Unwinding in the alps”

  1. Alison said

    Looks like a beautiful hike. You got some great shots. I particularly like the one of your friend sitting on the cliff–it really shows how grand the region you were hiking in is!

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